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Another way to do the same thing is to go to the Start menu with
control-escape, type r which will put you in the Run dialog box, then just
type chkdsk space slash f, not spelling them out of course.


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What used to be called disk repair is now called dis checker under Windows
XP.  Find it by doing this:

1:  click on "My Computer".

2:  Now, find your hard drive.  Unless you've changed the volume label, it
should show up as "local drive c".

3:  Next, press your applications key then R. this will get you in to the
property sheet of your drive.

4:  Now, in this multipage dialog, move to the second tab in from the left.

5:  Now, the first item you see there will be the check disk option.

6:  Now, inter this item.

7:  Now, there will be two boxes unchecked by default.  The first of these
boxes will offer the option of scanning for and correcting bad file system
errors.  The second of these boxes will offer to scan for and attempt to
recover bad disk sectors .  check both of these boxes before pressing the
start button.

8:  At this point, a dialog will appear which tells you that the check could
not start because windows needs access to certain files on your drive.  It
will ask if you want to have this check performed the next time you start
your computer.  Say yes to this and then press okay.

9:  Now, restart your machine and prepare to wait at least two hours for the
task to be completed.  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of leaving
your machine completely alone while this is going on.  You'll hear nothing
at all from your screen reader until windows comes back up again.


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Yeah, definitely, go ahead. Let me just put in one wish, i want to know
if there's a scandisk or a scandisk replacement in XP and where this is
located. I can find the defragmenter but nothing to repair the disks
which i find strange.

Debee Norling wrote:
> Well all my systems are getting sluggish, and having done this before, I
> wondered if people would be interested in a podcast on de-gunking Windows.
> In the first part, I'd give you a tour of the task manager, pointing out 
> the
> non-obvious stuff.
> In the second part, I'd cover the services.mmc applet which lets you 
> control
> which services are automatically running. This helps weed out background
> tasks you don't need to have active.
> In the third part, I'd cover miscellaneous stuff like msconfig, the free
> "startup control panel" which is better and putter around with the system
> tray a bit.
> In the fourth part I'd show how to automate the disk cleanup wizard and 
> how
> to use the task manager for regular maintenance.
> This info is gleaned from reading every accessible book on Windows XP, 
> also
> from PC World articles and having access to a computer lab where I have 
> had
> the freedom to screw a few systems up.
> I don't have any microsoft certifications, and this would be XP exclusive.
> Would people find such a series helpful?
> --Debee

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