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  • Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 19:57:10 -0800

Regarding the Window washing podcast, I'm hoping you will include
information on how to find and get rid of many kinds useless files such as
temp files, recycle bin, and files stored resulting from a hard crash. That
is, my computer had some serious crashes a couple of weeks ago and every
time it crashed and I rebooted, I ended up losing about 2 gigs of hard drive
space. I checked my remaining hard drive space and somehow regained the 5
gigs I lost during those crashes. I'm thinking windows created some sort of
temp files folder resulting from the crash then realized I didn't need the
files anymore and got rid of them.

J Garcia
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> Debee,
> There's always new stuff to learn about Windows. I've read some of the
> stuff you have, but haven't done nearly as much. Mostly I've gotten into
> registry and puttered around in there a bit, but I wouldn't recommend that
> to people who don't know what they're doing; so sure, any Windows cleanup
> would be great. I would probably pay the most attention to anything you
> could say about how to keep the hard drive from filling up with obsolete
> files and useless junk. Windows seems to like keeping a lot of useless
> around.
> Looks like your future gets more and more crowded with stuff to do, with
> these podcasts you're planning! But you always do them so well.
> Mary Emerson
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