[bct] Re: Podcast on comparing JAWS and Window-Eyes

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I have a friend who had glaucoma and has had both eyes removed.  she was in
a Christian bookstore one day and a lady kept telling her that she would be
healed and would be able to see.  My friend finally left that store in favor
of another one she was so annoyed, and she is a devout church-goer.  
In my adult life I have not found a church where I felt comfortable and
accepted, however, I have not gone looking for years either.  My mother
thinks I am going to Hell because I don't attend several services weekly.  I
maybe, but sometimes I think Hell is right here on earth and I have had my
share of it.  
Sorry, I guess my dysthymia is more active this morning.  

Rose Combs

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Next time someone tells you that you don't have enough faith, ask them two
1) How much is enough?
2) If some of those faith healers are so good, why aren't they volunteering
in hospitals?
This is pretty radical, coming from me, since I am a Christian, but I have
really had it with faith healers, healing services, and people who seem to
think that once you begin believing, your brain should go into permanent
hibernation. Part of the reason I don't go to church any more is the old
numbers, nickels and noise thing; how much money, how many attendees, and
how big a production?

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