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I think it's time to change the subject line in the  header.

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  Hey Jenny,

  It isn't just religious organizations that turn people into causes, it can be 
other social groups as well, as you discovered in grad school. 

  Interestingly enough, as a social work supervisor with a hidden disability I 
hired people who were disabled not because they were a "cause" for me, but 
because they were often the most competent people for the job.  I only had one 
person I could not get past my supervisor (who was a disability bigot) and that 
was because she was partially paralyzed on one side and the supervisor refused 
to even give her the chance to do the job.  I told the other folks who shared 
their disabilities with me not to say anything about it before they got on 
permanent status.  I even shielded one worker who had PTSD from recovered 
childhood memories who was deliberately transfered to my unit to attempt to get 
her to quit (if I knew then what I know now I'd have hung the agency out to dry 
for rampant abuses).  

  Probably the only person I would not have hired in that job was someone 
totally deaf or totally blind because you had to be able to hear every nuance 
in the voice of a child and evaluate every little body language cue you got.  I 
did hard core child protection investigation work most of the time and that 
required too much focus on the immediate details.  However, had I been a 
supervisor at the old WIN program or in some of the other work situations I had 
deaf or blind would have been fine too.

  I am a bit too prickly at times to make a good "project" or "cause" for 
anyone.  Must have been a hedgehog in a prior life.  (smile)  I'm sort of a 
loner in some regards, maybe because of my hearing - and that makes me 
difficult to turn into a good cause.  It may also be why Pagans are so 
welcoming to folks with disabilities - most of us have always felt as if we 
were on the outside looking in so the disabled are simply one of us and not a 


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