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MessageHere here, Neal.  I like how you think.  I just don't understand why 
folks want to cram everyone into the same mold.  Why can't they live and let 
live?  If God wanted us all to look the same and think alike, , He would have 
ordained it that way; don't you think?  There is a saying in Spanish, "Para los 
gustos hicieron los colores".  The translation, as near as I can get it, says 
that different colors were made so each person can  choose which they prefer.  

and on the subject of church folks, some of them are the reason I chose to stop 
attending church when I was about 12.  My mom belonged to a fundamentalist 
church all of her life, and every time there was a calling for healing, someone 
would pull me up to the front.  After a while, as soon as I heard the first 
words of the call, I started hiding under the bench, or slipping out to the 
ladies room.  they would say that I was not a child of God, and that he would 
never heal me.  Can you imagine saying such a thing to a child?  And, now that 
my mom has Alzheimer's and is unable to attend church, do any of those people 
come to sit and visit with her?  I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get carried away, 
but it just makes me so sad and mad at the same time.


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  Mary, I often find that it is the people who go to church who can be the 
meanest.  Obviously, there are lots of exceptions to this, but many religious 
people have their own way of thinking about things.  I mean, why are there 
Methodists, Baptists, etc.  People get all hung up on so many little things 
like does one get sprinkled when being baptized, or does one have to get 
dunked.  Often people who are that opinionated have an opinion about people who 
do not believe as they do.  They may also see people who are disabled as being 
different.  You see where I am going with this, so I don't have to go there.  
Give me a person who is open to as many ways of thinking as can be crammed into 
their brain, and I'll show you a person I like, and who is likely not to 
discriminate against me or against others who happen to interpret life a bit 
differently from themselves.


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    That is a humiliating experience your professor had. I got a lot of that 
when I was in school; I was called "that thing" by kids who had obviously never 
dealt with disabled people; even in college when attending something with my 
room mate, kids from the nearby University of California sat near us 
specifically to make fun of us; my room mate was sighted, but they made fun of 
her helping me. I even got some of it in the work place. I even got humiliated 
by a couple of kids at a Billy Graham meeting one time who obviously had no 
training in how to deal with disabled people; we aren't supposed to hear them 
when they say offensive things about us and are standing a few feet away, and 
these kids were the ones who were "trained" to wander around, pestering people 
to "make a decision". It's all in the past though, so I chalk it up to 
ignorance. Just because somebody goes to church doesn't mean they can't be 
mean. I can too, I admit; when cult members come to my door, I slam it in their 
faces, and I am grateful they don't come back. There is a time to be firm and 
assertive; if you don't stand your ground with some people, they'll walk all 
over you and enjoy it.

    Mary, who really hates being confrontational but there's a time and place 
for everything. 

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