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Hi slythy,

I've been told here in Ohio that all the older case workers are retiring and 
that the new ones either don't know or don't care about the people they are in 
charge of and that they are much less willing to provide services.  I have been 
with my VR worker now for a year and will be getting a new one shortly.  They 
seem to think they can just give me 20 hours of O/M training and a few hours of 
screen reader training  and then I should be able to do anything or go anywhere 
without further training.  I just don't understand how they expect me to be 
able to travel to work or anywhere else for that matter. I know all the 
training costs a lot of money but I think we deserve to be able to compete  
with the rest of the non disabled people out there and to be able to do it with 
dignity.  Right now when I go anywhere I have to stumble and fumble around 
since I have little training or I have to be guided by another person all the 

I would like to put a blindfold on the case worker and lead them around with my 
level of training and see how secure they would be LOL.



My darkness has been filled with the light of intelligence, and behold, the 
outer day-lit world was stumbling and groping in social blindness.
Helen Keller

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  Every state should have an ombudsperson to deal with complaints about 
agencies.  I've disarticulated Mass Rehab a couple of times and had one 
ombudswoman suggest I apply for a job advocating for clients who are abused by 
state agencies.

  I had a good VR counselor in Idaho.  I was really sad when Mr. Maughn died - 
the fact I can remember his name over all these years says something about the 
impact he had in my life.  I had a good VR counselor in Alaska - his name was 
Ira - which also says something about him.  The rest have been very bad.  I can 
hardly believe how bad they are it is so bad. 

  As a former state employee (Alaska/Idaho) I hold state employees to a higher 
standard than most of them can attain - the same standard I held myself to - 

  Call the governor's office in your state and ask to speak to an ombudsman.  
If they don't have one, call the local legal services corporation and see if 
you can find a P.A.D.D. representative in your area.  Someone needs to give the 
agency a swift kick in the rear.  You can give your mother a power of attorney 
and they cannot refuse to talk with her - take it from an old social worker.   



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