[bct] Re: Podcast on comparing JAWS and Window-Eyes

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  • Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 09:15:37 -0800

I think that at the beginning they said that it was only there opinion.
It wasn't a feature to feature comparison.
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Subject: [bct] Re: Podcast on comparing JAWS and Window-Eyes

Thanks, I don't think I could have said it better. I do have one other point however. I got the impression that the presenter felt that the listener should believe everything that he said simply based on the fact that he teaches adaptive technology. I see a lot of trainers who use that approach, and it really isn't fair to the listener because it gives the listener the impression right off the bat that you will be fair handed in your evaluation of the products, and this was not the case in this particular podcast.

I think both packages have some very good features, and they both have some weaknesses. I do have to say that I am starting to see a growing number of people who have been working in the access technology field for many years starting to use Window-Eyes as their speech software of choice. And, we have started recommending more copies of it at our agency lately. I own both, and I use both. But, I would not want to be the judge of which is best at this point since I really believe that I would be biased because I use one much more than the other, and habits are hard to break.

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:I don't really know where to start here. first of all, this was not a : comparison, it was a very one sided Window-eyes propaganda piece which : included incorrect statements about JAWS and some gushing remarks about : why two people like Window-Eyes because they evidently don't use JAWS : all that much to begin with. Real reviewers don't state their : preference right off the bat. They leave it to the listener to make up : their own minds, and you in no way allowed the listener to do that. In : addition, you gave us very little but your word to go on because you : never used either screen reader to demonstrate what you were trying to : point out. . You should have named it, why I like Window-Eyes and I : would have had no problem with it. In fact, I would have congratulated : you for doing a fine podcast that helped people see the very fine points : that Window-Eyes has. I also use both, and I find Window-eyes and JAWS : work equally well if you really take the time to use both. People : certainly have the right to like one screen reader over another one, and : I am not trying to say that one is better then the other. But to state : that you are going to compare the two and do nothing but cast : disparaging remarks about one while praising the other one is very very : far from a true, helpful comparison I expected from your introduction. : : Not angry guys, just very disappointed. : : Neal : : :

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