[bct] Re: Podcast on comparing JAWS and Window-Eyes

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I was reading through the Talks manual last night, and found a statement
prohibiting the benchmarking of Talks against other competing products. If I
misread that, I'll stand corrected.


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So long as companies are willing to abuse researchers and writers for
providing unbiased information you will find few people except Consumer
Reports are willing to deal with the fall out from companies.  Consumer
reports will not write on screen readers because the market is too small. 

Consumer reports is routinely threatened with legal action by companies when
they test products and report they are wanting in some regard.  Car
companies scream to high heavens about rollover reports and threaten suits
for loss of market share.  Unless one is an organization such as consumer
reports and have your own legal staff to deal with corporate thugs the
consumer is left high and dry.

Slithy - No good deed goes unpunished

Larry Skutchan <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

I wonder why someone doesn't put something like this with examples into a
nice presentation that perspective screen reader users could use as
background information.  I sure wish I had something like this when I got
started, and it seems to be something that noone wants to talk about.  I'd
love to publish that report or an update to it, too.  If someone wants to
sue, we've got Dan's team on our side (rrin), but I can't see how
suppressing valuable information like that is in anyone's interest.  Hey,
let the screen reader folks tell their side of the story, too--unedited.

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