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  • Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 19:48:50 -0500

Wow! Thank you. It does indeed sound like an application we should all be using.
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Don, Regarding the Norton Ghost podcast... This is a great idea. I think
this will save lots of time and trouble for many new computer users who
haven't learned to avoid many computer dangers out there as well as
experienced computer users who experiment lots with their computers and for
those who aren't familiar with the capabilities of this robust backup
option. Basically, you will expose a wide range of computer users to this
backup and restore product. I've always wanted to know much more about it
but I have so much to do that reading about it thoroughly has become a
luxury regardless of my absolute need for it. In case some of you don't know
what this Norton Ghost is, it is a piece of software that will take a
snapshot of your entire hard drive and save it to CD backup, DVD backup, and
external hard drive backup if the need arises for you to reformat your
computer's hard drive, you then load the Norton Ghost backup and you will
have your computer running exactly the same as before the crash or virus. It
also serves as an automatic backup for any group of files and folders you
want to backup on a regular basis. This feature alone is good enough for a
podcast. That is, you can set up Norton Ghost to only save your really
important folders which you can't live without on a regular basis such as My
documents, Podcasts, and Research data folders. Basically, its got lots of
versatility. Oh yeah, when looking for backup software I downloaded and
tried Acronis. Do not, do not even bother--the current version I tried was
completely inaccessible--at least with JFW and jaws cursor.

J Garcia
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Subject: [bct] Podcast on Norton Ghost

Hi Everyone,

I was thinking about doing a podcast for BCT on Norton Ghost 10; would
anyone be interested in such a podcast?  If so, great; if not, that's ok

Thanks all.


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