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I do the same kind of field podcasts.  I have had to insert recordings in,
but I too might want to insert a voice over in the silence of some kind of
sound seing recoridn.g

Can Studio Recorder do this, or just Sound Forge?

I too would be curious about how to do such a thing.


P.S.: I too have a hard time "talking to myself" making these podcasts :).
Sometimes what I have done is held up my cell phone so it looks like I am
talking on the phone but I am really talking on the podcast.

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I have a Podcast called Live Remote.  IN this Podcast, I am going places and
giving you a sense of what it is like to be there.  There are going to be
times when I may just have to record, but not describe what's happening till
later.  The descriptions will be recorded in a quiet environment.  Is there
a way I can take the descriptions and insert them in the live recording
where I want them, but not lose the atmosphere?
For example if I am on a bus and I record the automated announcement say,
"You are now entering Seminole County." then I want to explain where the bus
is located at that point, but I want it to appear that I'm talking to you on
the bus.  To explain this stuff at that point, would make me look crazy
unless the bus passengers and the driver know what I'm doing.  Is there a
way I can do what I want in Sound Forge?

By the way, the recorder is on order!

                              Matt Roberts 

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