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That depends on what audio client you use.  In the case of the one I use, 
(Adobe Audition 1.5) there is not a bit of degradation because of the fact 
that, when you open an mp3 file in this client, the file is virtually 
converted in to a .wav file so you can perform what is called "non 
destructive editing on it.  Then, when you've finished, you can save the new 
version as a .wav file and save a copy as an mp3 file with no noticeable 
difference.  This is especially true if you make a .wav file from the new 
version then close the original mp3 file, then re-open the new .wav file and 
then re-save everything.

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Hi list,

There has been so much discussion about quality degradation when converting
from MP3 to wave, editing, then converting back to MP3. Is the quality
degradation really that noticeable? I did this a number of times in the
past, and although my hearing isn't perfect, I heard everything well enough
and didn't notice a problem with quality. I'm just questioning if quality
degradation is really that noticeable to the average person; if not, why
worry about it? My view is just to get the information out there and not get
concerned about how high or low the quality is. This is supposed to be fun,
after all.

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