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MessageHi again my Friend Kai:

O K, then this brings up another question.  How does Larry and his crew make 
the wonderful color screen shows my wife tells me accompany the pod cast?

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  Greetings Dana.

  If the Plug-In and Skins are in reference to Winamp, they don't apply to the 
file at all. A Plug-In offers additional functionality that the developers 
elected not to spend time on, but that they allowed others to make. Winamp has 
an open API (Application programming interface), so that people can design 
plug-ins to fill in gaps that the developers chose not to (anything from 
joystick control, surround sound, audio effects processing, karaoke... you name 
  Skins are simply visual layouts of the Winamp application window. For 
accessibility, I recommend that you stick with the "classic" skin, which is 
designed to be accessible.


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  Hi Friends:

  I thought I had this whole thing of the plugins and skins down but maybe not. 
 Can someone among you, in a few sentences, explain these to me?  My 
understanding was that plugins are the sounds and parameters, while the skins 
are the video effects.  Both these can be inserted into a file to make it more 
interesting to see and hear.

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