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No doubt.

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I filed a complaint to the FTC. Feww, at least I don't have to deal with
them anymore; I was scared that they were gonna send my info to a debt
collection agency, but I got an e-mail this morning with a credit invoice
saying they refunded the money. Thank god. They'll never have a chance with
me again.


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> Hi Chetan
> I don't know how things work in the US but, two suggestions.
> 1.  In the UK, we have 'Trading Standards' and a 'Consumer Helpline'.
> You must have similar agencies in the US and I think it would be in 
> your interest and in the interest of others that you report this to 
> them, particularly as your records of the event are so detailed.
> 2.  It may be worth you getting a copy of your credit file or, at 
> least reporting this incident to the Credit Reference Agency.  At 
> worst, this sounds like a fraudulent company and at best, they are 
> extremely incompetent.  If they do report adverse information on your 
> Credit report, you can post a notice of correction and ask the agency 
> to investigate for you.
> Hope this helps.
> All the Best.
> Paul Hopkins
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> Subject: [bct] please Read: My Experience with 1and1 Internet, Inc.
> Hello everyone,
> I just wanted to warn all of you that you should never go near a 
> company called
> 1and1 Internet, Inc. They are located at www.1and1.com, and they are a 
> web hosting / e-mail hosting company. If you are using them now, I'd 
> suggest you immediately back away. Here's the story: I signed up for 
> their basic Linux hosting package, and about twelve hours later I find 
> out that they locked my account because I did not follow the terms and 
> conditions correctly.
> What! I
> hadn't even started using the account for anything yet. I started to 
> get suspicious and immediately moved my site over to bluehost.com. So, 
> I call their billing department, their tech support department (which, 
> by the way is horrible; they outsource you to India and none of the 
> techs no what their talking about, and half the time they can't even 
> hear you), and their sales department, and I asked them to let me 
> log-in and let me cancel my account so I could get my money back since 
> they have a 90-day money back guarantee.
> The first
> guy I spoke to said yes, you can do that. I go to 
> http://cancel.1and1.com and log-in with my customer ID and password, 
> and it won't let me in. I call them back, and they tell me I can't 
> cancel the account if it had to do with the terms being violated. I 
> asked them what part of the terms I violated, and they said nothing 
> but, "please go to the web site and look at section such and such 
> (they just gave me section numbers like section 4, 5, 6, etc)". All of 
> this was on 05/12/2006. So, I then receive an e-mail from 
> billing@xxxxxxxxx on
> 05/15/2006
> saying that the amount due would be debeted from my credit card in 7 
> days. I call on 05/15/2006 and get transfered around to six or seven 
> different people, and they give me different stories on whether or not 
> I could cancel the account and get refunded. I e-mailed billing also, 
> and they never send you anything useful; it's always a whole bunch of 
> generic crap. They do nothing but demand you call them and give them 
> your credit card number. This is the worst company I have ever seen in 
> my entire life. So, I call on 05/16/2006 and speak to John C. 
> Fernandez in billing. He said my account would remain locked, but he 
> set it up so that I could go to the cancelation web site and cancel my 
> package, and he said I would get my money back. So I went through that 
> process and received the confirmation of cancelation e-mail. Then, I 
> get the following e-mail from them on 05/22/2006:
> Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 08:33:55 +0200
> From: "1&1 Internet Inc." <billing@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject:  Reminder 05/22/2006
> To: drunkenmonkey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Dear Chetan Bakhru,
> Our declined debit note informed you of the current amount due to your 
> customer account, and we politely requested settlement.
> Unfortunately, we have not to this date received payment.
> If we do not receive payment within 7 calendar days we will have no 
> alternative but freeze your account and to transfer this matter to a 
> debt collection agency and/or terminate your account in accordance 
> with our terms and conditions. In addition to any agency costs there 
> will be a service charge of $18.95 added to your outstanding amount.
> Go to https://admin.1and1.com, and log in to the Control Panel with 
> your customer ID or a domain name assigned to one of your packages and 
> your password. On the My Account page, please click on 'User Settings' 
> > 'Credit Card Details'. After updating your credit card information, 
> click on 'Save'.
> Please double check/update your credit card details in the 'User 
> Settings'
> of your control panel and contact our Customer Service via email at 
> billing@xxxxxxxxx or by phone at 1-877-300-8316 from 9am - 5pm ET Mon 
> - Fri to resolve this matter amicably.
> For further details, please find attached a payment reminder in pdf 
> electronic format. It can be opened and printed with the help of the 
> program Acrobat Reader (download Acrobat reader:
> http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html).
> If you have any billing-related questions, our billing department can 
> be reached at 1-877-300-8316 Monday through Friday (except
> holidays)
> 9am to 5pm EST. We will be happy to help you clear up any questions 
> you may have, as quickly as possible.
> Sincerely,
> Your 1&1 Team
> www.1and1.com
> What the hell is this? I successfully canceled my account, and a week 
> later their sending a threatening letter saying that if they don't 
> receive payment, they're gonna send my account to a collection agency? 
> So, I tried logging in to the cancelation web site, and it says my 
> customer ID cannot be found.
> So,
> obviously the account was deleted. How could I change any credit card 
> info like they said to do in the e-mail? Warning: Be careful, this 
> company will keep billing you, even if you signed up for a one-year 
> plan only and you did not request for your package to be renewed 
> automatically... they keep your credit card info on file even with 
> canceled accounts, and once you sign up with them you're all theirs. 
> So, I just called them today, 05/23/2006. I speak to the billing 
> department, and the guy told me that the invoice hadn't been paid yet 
> but that it had not yet been declined. At this point I was really 
> pissed off.
> Who ever works at this company is not properly trained to keep track 
> of billing records. Either that, or they're automated billing system 
> has major flaws. So, upset, I asked him what to do. He said "well, let 
> me see what I can find out"
> and he then put me on hold for about 12 minutes. He then came back and 
> said, "sorry to keep you waiting sir, I couldn't track down any 
> records of an e-mail having been sent to you; I spoke to several 
> people in my department, so I went ahead and canceled that invoice and 
> you should be all cleared now. You won't be charged for the service 
> any more". Now, folks, I really hope this is true. I hope I don't 
> receive a letter from BFS Finance in two or three months saying I am 
> "seriously overdue". I've heard worse... If you search Google for
> "1and1
> cancel" without the quotes, you'll find similar stories to mine.
> The bottom line is, please, whatever you do, never, ever go near this 
> company.
> Chetan

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