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That's good that the interview can be posted. Maybe I'd consider buying Playback more so if it were digital. Sound computing or whatever Dean at Topdot enterprises has is a good example of doing one this way. At my apartment building, the mail slot is too small to get a tape mailer in, as the slot is only designed for letters. I hope the new NLS digital format comes in a container that fits in the mail at least. I don't think there is such a thing as only receiving what you order, so I got some random childrens tapes around until I can get someone to help me find a bigger mail slot somewhere.

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Thanks so much for asking his permission, and if you speak to him again please thank him on behalf of the list. He certainly would have every right to refuse as he sells his magazine, and it is probably a good share of his income, so he was truly gracious in doing this. But it is certainly of great interest to all of us, and it is wonderful that he is sharing it.


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I just got off the phone with Ed Potter who produces Playback magazine.

he has given me permission to post the issue with the interview with Michael Moody from NLS.

When I get home from work, I will begin creating the mp3 file of the mag. My goal is to have it sent to Larry early this evening.

Ed was very gracious and did indicate that normally he would not agree to this, but due to the uniqueness of the interview, he gave me the go ahead.

Steve Bauer

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Billy, I forgot to say that the automatic updates are enabled by default but if you want to check, follow the same procedure to get to the tree view but this time arrow down to updates, expand the tree and then control tab to the other half of the screen. The check box for automatic updates should be checked.


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