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If your looking for a GSM phone running Talkx then the 6682 I think is the
state of the art.  And this is the one to get too if you travel in different
countries.  Make sure you either buy an unlocked phone, or get the phone
unlocked.  Some carriers lock the phone to only work with one provider, but
there are all sorts of ways and shops that will unlock it for you.

If you are only in the USA and need basic access like caller id, the Verizon
LG phones might be better and less expensive.  However, they have far fewer
accessibility features than the GSM phones with Talkx.


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Hello.  Having lost my old phone over the Christmas break I am in the market
for a new one.  I am thinking of one that runs the talks software.  Can
anybody recommend a model?  I saw a review of the 6682 here recently.  Is
that still my best bet?

Its a tad urgent as I am off to Austria on a conference and need something
to take along.

Any and all advice gratefully received.


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