[bct] Phoenix rising

  • From: "Hope Povenmire" <musicofhope@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 09:35:10 -0400

Hello, Lynnette, Maria, and list,
I would like to thank you both very much for that very moving and emotional 
podcast.  I must also commend you both, as well as all New Yorkers for such 
strength, sheer will, and resilience.  September 11th was and is, a true test 
of the human spirit, and though it may be bruised, it is certainly not broken.  
It is a reminder to us all, that we should never take life, or anyone for 
granted, and that each day is precious and anything could happen at any time.
I, too, remember what I was doing at the exact moment I heard the news.  I was 
at my mother's house, in her bedroom, and we were searching for a necklace she 
had been searching for for some time, and I heard the news from the lovely CNN, 
and sat stunned with a silver chain in my hand.  I can remember my mother 
speaking to me, but I have no idea what she said.  
I remember feeling a strong sense of helplessness, and so, I got this idea to 
try to get all of the local musicians of north west Ohio together to put on a 
concert and send all proceeds to The Red Cross and other organizations that 
could and would help.  Unfortunately, only three of us, including myself took 
part in the concert, but it was still a fulfilling experience to know that 
somehow, no matter how small, we were able to contribute something. Again, I 
admire you both for your courage, especially considering the fact that you 
received the news and could not speak to one another for some time, and, as we 
all know, in times of crisis, each second feels like hours.  I do not know how 
you did it, but you are both strong indomitable women and I applaud you.

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