[bct] Perhaps be warned. : Free calls to any phone within the US and Canada with Skype

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  • Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 19:36:09 -0500

I have not checked into this.  I suppose I should have before I posted
it.  And, it does look like possibly something too good to be true.  So,
check it out at your own risk, if you would like, otherwise, simply
ignore it.  If anyone is brave and wants to try it, let us know how it
works, but remember the warning.  I don't like mistrusting things I get,
but it is often prudent to do so until they are checked out.
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Is there a catch that I need to be awaare of--as in I have to sign up
for something elsee to get this for free?  Sorry, just paranoid.  It
seems too god to be true, you now. 


On May 15, 2006, at 7:15 PM, Djd wrote:

This thing from Skype is nice and all, but has anyone figured out how to
activate it? It says you have to accept the terms of the Skype Out
service, but I can't find the accept button anywhere on the terms of
service page. I even logged in on the skype page with my account
username and password, but nothing.
If someone can figure this out and post here, that would rock.
Thanks from David
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