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Well, I have an IBM Thinkpad t40 that is over two years old and between the 
main battery and the second battery which can be hot swapable with the cdrom 
drive I can get over 9 hours on a charge.  There are a quite a few of the newer 
laptops that can get 6 or more hours on the main battery and have an option for 
adding a second battery.

Second, Pocket Hal will allow you to use the Brailliant Braille display, which 
I have used a number of times, and it is fantastic.  You can't believe how 
wonderful it is to use a bluetooth Braille display that weighs 1 pound with a 
IPAQ that weighs 4.6 ounces, and your choice of either the HP Bluetooth 
Foldable keyboard or the Optelec EasyLink Braille keyboard.  Talk about 
something that blows your mind.  And, within a few weeks I'm going to be using 
that combo all the time.  What's even nicer about that setup is that when you 
want a Braille display for both the computer and your PDA you can use the same 
display for both and do so wirelessly.  And, in a couple of years when you want 
that new PDA with sophisticated cell and every other thing you ever dreamed of 
having you only have to replace the $400 or $500 PDA and nothing else.

I hope I didn't make you drool too much.  Yep, that technology is here today.  
No, it isn't completely perfect yet, but it is getting close enough to be 
really usable.

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: In principle, I agree that buying and using an off-the-shelf solution  
: with our screen reader is a better solution for a lot of us. I'm  
: actually very interested to see how the PocketPC screen readers stack  
: up and develop; especially Mobilespeak Pocket as I use Mobilespeak on  
: my Nokia mobile phone.
: However, there are still some advantages that the blindness-specific  
: products have over an off-the-shelf solution like a PC with screen  
: reader. Or a Mac even:
: 1. Having a braille display can't be beat. I say this as somjeone who  
: doesn't have one but would like to. I'd like to see the price of  
: these come down some more; some strides have been made in that  
: direction, but the best I can figure, braille display technology  
: hasn't changed significantly in the past 20 years, but neither,  
: unfortunately, have prices--until last year when the Focus displays  
: and the Optellec displays dropped by a couple thousand dollars.
: 2. Battery life: Most notebooks can't touch the battery life of one  
: of our blindness-specific notetakers. The closest I've seen are the  
: Mac Powerbooks at about five hours claimed battery life. Take out the  
: display and I expect you'd save a ton of battery power. That's a big  
: one.
: 3. For the computer-
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