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  • Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 13:45:14 -0600

With 2.5 pound Thinkpad laptops, and 3.1 pound Sony laptops that have all the 
wireless features, etc. built-in even after adding your favorite screen reader 
you are talking very little difference in price to what you'll pay for a 
PACMate or VoiceNote without a Braille display, and the weight will be nearly 
the same for tons more accessibility to your regular desktop software.

Today, if you want real portability with speech access then you want 
MobileSpeak Pocket, Pocket Hal, or Maestro with a hand held unit.  That kind of 
access is less than a pound in weight, gives you access to almost anything that 
you can get access to with BrailleNote or PACMate at less than half the price, 
and will cost far less to upgrade in the  future.

There are other reasons I could go into about why I think the more traditional 
notetakers are behind, and for all the hype they are falling further behind.  
But, this isn'tthe time or place to discuss some of those other things.  But, 
I'll just say there are changes in the technology field that most of the 
companies making traditional notetakers don't want to come to grips with.  
Among those are too many bugs, and to frequent need to ship them in for repairs 
that can take several weeks to several months.  It is crazy to purchase a 
$6,000 plus priced unit and have to send it in for repair at least once a year, 
and have it take as much as two months to get the product back.

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:I have a PC and a Braille Note but I really believe a PC is the way to go,
: since it seems to me to be the most direct way to access info--in other
: words, I now believe we should use the same machines the sighted use with,
: of course, our screen access of choice.  The Pac Mate seemed very illogical
: to me re commands.  The BN, to its credit, is extremely easy to use and its
: "HELP" is second to nothing in the industry.  However, there are Windows
: tutorials out there on basics and individual programs, which hopefully are
: good.  Beth

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