[bct] Re: PDQ Bach and Swingle Singers

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  • Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 19:42:32 -0500

Wow!  I had no idea he was in a fire.  
Perhaps the piece is still available today.  

He used to have a show on NPR called the Shickele Mix, I believe--a sort of 
music appreciation class.  Literally, he played everything from soup to nuts.  
I'm certain if he could have made any type of musical sound out of those two 
food items, he definitely would have done so.  <grin>

I always wanted to attend his holiday show here in NYC and, as yet, have not 
had the opportunity. <sigh>

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  Hey Lynnette. I have a CD called PDQ Polka and I love it. I used to have a 
tape that had Peter Schickele on it, and he played several comical works. 
During one of these, he was in a fire and was evidently pretty badly burned. I 
think a few of his instruments were also damaged, but the first track on the 
second side was a thank you to everyone who had sent him get-well cards in the 
hospital. I seem to have lost the tape somewhere, as I haven't been able to 
locate it for several years.
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    Afternoon All,
    Maria and I spoke and realized that she meant to say we'd performed The 
Misa Hilarious.  What a great piece!

    We also enjoy the Swingle Singers and I have two of their CD's, both 
classically oriented.


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