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Hey Lynnette. I have a CD called PDQ Polka and I love it. I used to have a tape 
that had Peter Schickele on it, and he played several comical works. During one 
of these, he was in a fire and was evidently pretty badly burned. I think a few 
of his instruments were also damaged, but the first track on the second side 
was a thank you to everyone who had sent him get-well cards in the hospital. I 
seem to have lost the tape somewhere, as I haven't been able to locate it for 
several years.
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  Afternoon All,
  Maria and I spoke and realized that she meant to say we'd performed The Misa 
Hilarious.  What a great piece!

  We also enjoy the Swingle Singers and I have two of their CD's, both 
classically oriented.


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