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  • Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 08:59:14 -0500

I wonder how useful the treo will be to us. I am like larry I need one with
a cell phone. I gues it would have to have moble speak for the pda screen
and the phone as well.
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After hearing Larry's podcast on the Dell unit with Pocket Mobile
Speak and I think someone a gal did one on another device, and
finally those of you have used a adapted pda; I hae a few questions.
I'm considering one of these so I'm curious what you liked and didn't
like. I'm talking from hardware to user interface. Do any have a true
braille input method, a regular keyboard via bluetooth was prefered,
do any have a keyboard of sorts built-in, or how about poking at some
keys to produce letters etc. Sort of like what you'd do with a
cellphone as an example? I can see some real uses for a pda and one
of these is I go to meetings where I try to record and generally this
works well, but then I have to come back and transcribe those notes.
This isn't so bad, but it takes a while to waid through all the
material and extract useful data.
Any thoughts, comments, etc. welcome.


On Feb 11, 2006, at 11:28 PM, David Tanner wrote:

> No, they may not be as fast as computers but you certainly can add
> programs to them, and they are getting faster.  One of the guys in
> our department just baught a Dell like the one Larry used on his
> podcast the other day, and the processor on it is 620MHZ.  That is
> already faster than the P2 pentium, and a lot of the Pentium P3s
> were slower.  They are still limited on memory to 64 meg of RAM,
> for the most part, but I am sure we will see that increase too over
> the coming years.
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> : It is my understanding that PDAs and note takers do not have and
> will never
> : have processor speeds that Lap- and desktops do, also do not and
> will not
> : have ways to directly add programs, such as CD ROM drives.  Is
> this correct?
> : Beth
> :
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