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  • Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 22:28:22 -0600

No, they may not be as fast as computers but you certainly can add programs to 
them, and they are getting faster.  One of the guys in our department just 
baught a Dell like the one Larry used on his podcast the other day, and the 
processor on it is 620MHZ.  That is already faster than the P2 pentium, and a 
lot of the Pentium P3s were slower.  They are still limited on memory to 64 meg 
of RAM, for the most part, but I am sure we will see that increase too over the 
coming years.

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: It is my understanding that PDAs and note takers do not have and will never
: have processor speeds that Lap- and desktops do, also do not and will not
: have ways to directly add programs, such as CD ROM drives.  Is this correct?
: Beth

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