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  • From: "Mary Emerson" <maryemerson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 18:20:43 -0800

Neal and list,

All this discussion of PC start-up reminds me of the headaches I had when I had to get rid of all the IBM stuff that was necessary to work from home. Occasionally I still run into something, but I vaguely recall having to get into msconfig and tell it not to start some Lotus Notes and Lotus Smart Suite stuff, just so I could delete all the Lotus products; and the 3270 terminal emulator was another nasty one, as was the EZ Update program which went out to check the company's Intranet to see if any company software needed to be updated. Makes me glad the rest of you don't have to play with that sort of stuff. Count your blessings, and be careful with MSCONFIG! There are a few free programs out there like Start-up Manager; I haven't got a clue where I got it, but it will even let you delete something out of MSCONFIG if you are absolutely sure you don't want to ever use it again.

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