[bct] Re: PC shopping

  • From: "Neal Ewers" <neal.ewers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 17:59:53 -0600

I used to buy Gateway, but they are more money for what you get, in my
opinion, and my last two proved to be unstable.  I now have 2 Dells.  I
will agree that they put a lot of stuff on them I don't need, but one
way around this, if you are an education or non-profit company, is to
order the educational models.  They are invariably less expensive, and
you get to decide just what kind of software you want.  I will agree,
however, that their tech support is suffering.  Fortunately, I haven't
had to use it much, because the computer works like a charm.  They, as
do a number of companies, have in home warrantees you can get so you
don't have to take your computer to the store.  I am reminded of this as
I think of my last Gateway.  It too had an in home support.  So there is
this person sitting on my floor ripping out the mother board and it
sounds like she is totally gutting the machine.  All of a sudden she
says, "Gee I didn't think it should make this noise, but what would I
know, I only work on Apples."  Not what I wanted to hear.  What I have
discovered is that both Dell and Gateway contract with other companies
to do their support.  This should have seemed obvious to me, because
they are not going to have a Dell or Gateway technician in every city in
the world.  The other thing I have learned, or at least this is what I
think I have learned, is that they mostly contract with the same company
for support no matter if it's Dell or Gateway, because there are
computer support companies that have been founded strictly for the
purpose of supporting the big companies computers.

The only bad experience I have had is when a friend bought a computer
from a local dealer.  As much as I like to support local people, her
experience was not a good one.  The local company folded after a couple
years and she was up the creek.  So I would suggest that people do
research on the local company they use.

Good luck shopping, and let us know if we can help more.


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