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  • Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 22:21:39 -0500

Its whatever you want. Dell is good about getting what you want as far as customizing the software that you want. We have two computers, and we have had good success with the Dell line of computers. Good luck and happy shopping.
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Here is my situation: I am new PC shopping and I have four choices, stated
in no particular order:

1.  Dell--I hear this used to be dynamite but it has fizzled since, with
outsourcing, the reps' English is not great.  I hated that with AT&T.

2.  Local stores--my very favorite option, due to customizability and
probable on-site help and repair;

3.  Freedom Box with System Access--either their stand-alone Surfboard or
the software:

4.  Beyond Sight's Laptalk, with W.E. installed--which I've heard nothing
but good things about.

So, I'm trying to get all info possible to make an informed decision. Thank
all of you for ideas and sharing of experiences so far and in the future.
I'm taking my time--having great fun shopping. Beth

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