[bct] Re: Owasys 22C Cellular Phone for persons who are blind

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I am in full agreement with what is said in the messages below.  I
couldn't be working at Trace and not have that outlook.  The only way
people who have a disability will ever get products that don't cost a
fortune is to convince developers of main stream products that adding
the features we need will also work for others who are supposedly not
disabled.  Of course, everyone is disabled in some way or another.
There are things I can't do that others can, but there are lots of
things I can do perhaps because I am blind that others cannot do.
But, that's a subject for another time, perhaps a podcast.

I don't think it is wise to think that all main stream products will
always give us all the things we would like to have, but I think some
developers are beginning to catch on.  Evidently, however, there are
still people who want to make products for people who are blind.  That
may work for screen readers and PDA devices because there is currently
not much chance for us to get along without those that cater to
persons who are blind.  But, cell phones.  Sorry, there are better
ones out there that can be used by everyone and they are much less

By the way, I think you all know now that my reason for being the one
who put this on the list in the first place was just to give people
the information about it.  I don't have to agree with the reasoning
behind what is out there to make that information available to others.


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I agree 100%.  The phone does not even have a screen yet it costs way
then main stream phones.  If this company wants to compete with Talks
Mobile Speak it better lower it's price by a few hundred bucks.
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> Hi.
> My problem with this phone is it cost as much as a smart phone wit a

> screen reader but doesn't come close to the same features.
> It's a good example of how a product designed specifically for the 
> blind ends up costing much more than a main stream product.
>          Kenny
> On Tue, Nov 29, 2005 at 10:50:51AM -0600, Neal Ewers wrote:
>> I know this has nothing to do with the book port or other things
>> got this list going, but as we did have a podcast on the Verizon
>> phone, I thought I would share this with the people on this list.
>> haven't tried it, I just read about it this morning.  So, here you 
>> go.
>> http://www.screenlessphone.com/index.html

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