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Hi folks,
Here is an answer to what NLS is doing:
8. Will any of the older NLS-produced titles be available in this new

Yes, the NLS Collection Development Section (CDS) staff has begun a
multiyear analysis of the cassette book collection, identifying the titles
most appropriate
for conversion. In 2001, CDS chose an initial 1,000 titles to be put in
digital format. Identification of these titles created a cross section of
the recorded
book collection, with genres selected in proportion to their representation
in the full catalog. For this first group, CDS chose titles it judged to be
of most enduring value. The process will be repeated in 2002 and subsequent
years, with the annual number of selected titles increasing as needed to
production goals. This approach assures that when NLS begins to distribute
books in a digital format, a broad, representative range of titles will be
to readers. It is planned that, by 2008, retrospective audio titles
cumulated since 2001 along with full annual production of current titles
begun in 2004
will comprise a collection of 16,000 titles in digital format.

9. When will I see this new format?

The transition to a digital format will be a deliberate process consisting
of several phases. Initially, small tests will be conducted involving a
number of users. As results are known and the ultimate direction becomes
clearer, larger field tests will be conducted. By the end of 2008, NLS plans
have 50,000 digital talking-book players available, with larger numbers
produced in subsequent years until all NLS users have access to the new


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> Are they redoing the digital books, instead of using the master tapes? My
> favorite narrators are Ray Fouschee, Chuck Benson, and Bob Askey.
> Thanks a lot.
> Matthew
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