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Hi lynette
another one of my favorit readers is pam  some body.
She is alwayse so perkey.
Regards  Ken.

At 11:26 AM 2/17/2006, you wrote:
Yes, Steven, but I can't recall what books he specifically read.
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Does anyone remember Ralph Lowenstein as a reader

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Jamie, I remember when talking books were on records and not cassettes. In those days, I do believe the readers were much better. many of them were recorded at APH. In later years, well actually starting some time ago, recordings began to be farmed out to many more readers. Perhaps that was because they needed more readers to do more books. But I still find some of the original narrators were much better than some in recent years. Just my opinion. In fact, there are some books like, for example, the King Author Trilogy by Mary Stewart that have, in the lifetime of talking books, been read by more than one reader. For some reason, they didn't bring forward the first recording on LP but instead had a different narrator read it for the cassette version. So, saying what books I would like to have transferred to digital would very much depend on the narrator. I suspect, in time, much of the collection will be digitally mastered, but who knows? There are an awful lot of books and some of them may not make it into the modern era of digital recording.

So much for my rambling prose.


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I was quite dissapointed in an Audible verfsion of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, so I called my library to obtain the original recording read by Burt Blackwell. At first my librarian couldn't locate it, but she finally did. This caused me to start this subject on the list. What are some books from NLS that, in your opinion, must be saved by the digital revolution. May I submit another? Little Women read by Terry Hayes Sales. Sorry if the spelling of her name is incorrect. Who can recall the name of the narrator of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

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