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Lary, Ray here,

    How close was I on my guess about the old tape issue which might prevent 
some older talking books from being digitized?

PS,  I don't much care for the new recording of "A Canticle For Liebowitz". 
I prefer the older one which was done on ten inch disks in 1959 and read by 
Norman Rose.

Sincerely yours,
The Constantly Barefoot,
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Yes, Terry is still around.  She is the only narrator at APH who has
recorded on everything from wax to digital!  She was honored at a lunch a
while back, and she likes to joke that she was here even before  APH (1858)!

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> Did you get a sense of how old Bob Askey was? I expect he's around sixty
> or
> so. Maybe Ray Fouschee is in his late 40's. I actually found Ray's e-mail
> address from his current work at Fox 41 in Louisville, KY. I wish there
> were
> birthdates for these narrators, so we could see how old they are, to sort
> of
> gauge how much longer they'll be around. I believe that Terry Hayes Sales
> is
> still around, and she started narrating books in 1938. There was a show on
> ACBRadio called BookTalk, where the host would have narrators on the show
> to
> talk about themselves, but it never kept going after the first twelve or
> so
> shows.
> Thanks a lot.
> Matthew
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