[bct] Re: Oops, proper intro this time.

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Hi Maria,

Welcome to the list.


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Hi Pam.
I once saw this little slate thingy at a convention. It was basically a
keychain that was in the shape of a six-cell slate with the stylus built
into the side, but instead of being a conventional slate, it popped up the
braille on the plastic underside of the slate itself.  It was kind of like a
tiny plastic braille display that could be used over and over again. lol I
think it wasn't meant to be really useful, having so few cells, but who
I can't imagine reading books with only 8 cells though.

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Welcome to the List, Maria.  I've only been here a few days myself but
can tell already that it's quite a friendly bunch here. And there's
somebody else who likes the shorter braille displays like I do even.
For all we know, maybe we would like the bookworm with its eight cells
then. I was afraid to get one quite that short though, never having
seen one. People use them for reading novels though. Again, welcome.


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