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Welcome Maria,
You may not be prepared or ready to do a podcast, but I assure you that all lives have some interest--to someone.
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Sorry guys, I was told earlier I seemed rather abrupt in my not very much intro. So here is a real one.
My name is Maria, I'm 20 and a college student. I'm studying translation, hopefully specializing in technical. At the moment my only language is Spanish but I'm planning to either add Arabic or German, depending on what I think about Arabic once I've done some. I haven't been subscribed to BCT long but the content is very interesting and informative, so thanks to everyone who make these podcasts. And also thanks to Andre, (my fiancee), for convincing me to give the podcast a try.
I don't have any recording equipment, or any interesting life, so probably won't be doing a podcast anytime soon, but they're definitely fun to listen to.
OK, I think that's enough of my rambles for now. Hope everyone has a good day.

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