[bct] Only very confident, thoughtful people can say "I'm sorry"

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  • Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 10:51:52 -0600

Allison, it takes a very confident, thoughtful person to apologize.  I'm
not trying to say which of you was right here, but I couldn't let your
kindness go by without commenting on it.



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I apologized previously for my inappropriate reaction. At the risk of 
sounding like a "Shot caller" again, let's move on.

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> You think this guy's complete nonsense is demonstrative of enlightened

> thinkers? This is not your list little miss shot caller. This is a 
> list of people with different sensibilities, values, and life 
> experience of which we, including yourself, should respect rather than

> subjecting to this garbage. Let me suggest something, maybe you 
> shouldn't surround yourself with us "prudes" and move on and you and 
> that person can create a whole new enlightenment of your own. How 
> would you like your mother, grand mother, and
> 13 year old daughter being exposed to this Erection guy.
> J Garcia
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>> You mean huge erection? Honestly, are we enlightened thinkers or 
>> prudes here? Allison
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