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I saw it at Amazon for $175 if I recall correctly.


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Hi Guys,
I am going to buy an Olympus 320 because of the great reviews done by Mary
and Larry.
What is a good price for this unit?
Should I just go to radio shack ... or is there a better place?
If I want to use this unit for several people doing a podcast around a table
... do I need to buy external mics?
The reviews mentioned that the unit plays .mp3 files but, records in wma
Can the unit play wma files copied to the unit via the usb port as well?
Mary had a problem getting windows to recognize the unit as a drive with out
installing the software.
Do we need the software to copy files to the device or can we just plug in
the usb and start to see a drive.
Any experience with this would be most helpful.
Thanks so much.
Great work and a great pick guys!
Thanks again
Sam bushman

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