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I have a couple of more questions about Olympus settings on the ws320
How do you switch the microphone from the default to dictation setting?
I hit okay to start the menu set up process but I'm finding the manual
confusing on what to do next.
Finally, If I have downloaded mp3 files to the music file for listening,
is there a way to speed them up?
I did some test recordings and seemed to figure out how to speed them up
but speeding up downloaded pod casts hasn't worked for me.
I'll be relistening to the relevant pod casts and look over the manual
again as well. I'm sure something will click soon.
Thanks to the list for the help.

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I use the dictation settings; on the DS2, conference is a bit too loud
although the range the mic picks up is amazing! But dictation is much
quieter and a bit more focused. The WS320 dictation is also preferable
since it's also quieter. I like the sound of the mike on the 320 a bit
more than the DS2; kind of surprising since the quality is supposedly
not as good, but maybe it's the mic placement on the 300 series that
appeals to me.

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