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Well, they've got that curved plastic part on each mike. I just put them over my ears as you would hook glasses over your ears, and then pull that thingy on the cord up to my chin so they stay in place. (Sorry, I don't know what the name is for that adjustable part of the cord, also often found with headphones/earbuds).

I should clarify I'm referring to the ones from SoundProfessionals.com. There are other binaural mikes that don't have those curved plastic parts that actually go in your ear or clip to your collar. <Shrug> I'm still experimenting with these; I may try wearing them in my ears again, but that eating incident was ... telling. <Grin>

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How in the world do you whare them as glasses? Do tell! Lol!

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.I'm just curious what most of you prefer for your mike settings of the Olympus: dictation or conference? I figured conference to get the most ambience recorded, but thoguht I'd ask.
.Also, I found another reason to wear your binaural mikes over your ears as glasses: if you're recording something while you're eating (for instance, a lunch interview where you're eating while someone else is talking), if the mikes are shoved in your ears, every chomp and swallow are perfectly audible for everyone to hear. I found it quite amusing myself ... primarily because I was listening to my own recording, not one I'd uploaded somewhere. <Smirk>
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