[bct] Re: Olympus WS320M Walking Podcast - Electrical Hum - Ideal Recorder?

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Hi, Jim:
Glad you have posted! Hope to hear more from you!
Sincerely, Jamie D.
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Hi to the list, this is Jim Fettgather from Kansas City, long time reader of the list, first time poster!
When I first received my Sound Professionals binaural microphones, I was highly distressed to notice a discernable hum, a loud 60 cycle hum, when the microphones were plugged into the Olympus, or even into a Mini disk recorder. I noticed that same hum in parts of Larry's latest walk cast.I then found that as I walked out of and beyond this room with several PC's, keyboards, monitors, wireless transmitter and other electronic equipment, that the hum thankfully disappeared.
I have not used any other microphones that seem to be susseptible to hum from nearby electronics.

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Subject: [bct] Olympus WS320M Walking Podcast - Electrical Hum - Ideal Recorder?


I listened with interest to the podcast with the WS320M. I notice that on
periods of silence, you can clearly hear something that sounds like an
electrical hum or hiss. I don't believe you get this on the Iriver IFP899,
but I would have to double check to be absolutely sure.

I don't know if the hum/his comes from recording at 64K, or due to some
other artifac of the recorder/mic combo.

It is an ok recording, but I don't know if I would say it is the "best"
recorder, etc.

I don't think we really have identified a "best" recorder. Once you get
used to it, the Iriver is ok, but the controls are not very accessible.
Once in a while with the Iriver you may find it does not record when you
think it will, etc. This is especially true if you are having to stop and
start the recording, etc. Also I have not found a way to know when the
Iriver battery is dying, so I usually find out again by it not having

I found that the Plextalk with Preamp and mic was too big/too many wires. I
do a lot of sound seing recordings, and I need something that is very quick
to get it out and on and put away and off.

The Milestone looked promising, but it has received lackluster reviews from
both Blind Access Journal and Don Barrett.

I wonder if perhaps the Edirol is "the best." Again 90% sort of sound seing
type activities. I briefly took a look at the Edirol. It has some very
nice built in stereo mics. The one bad thing I remember is there is no neck
strap or the like so that might be a problem doing lots of sound seing and
running around with it. I believe that Jonathan Mosen uses the Edirol.

I would be curious about the other recorder Larry uses, I believe some type
of EmAudio?


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