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  • Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 12:27:28 -0800

Well, I figured here was a safe place to vent about it.  I don't want to vent 
to my wife about it; she got me the recorder, and has already heard my 
frustrations regarding the IPod Shuffle and ITunes.  Besides, she doesn't 
understand the whole bps thing.  To her, if you can understand what's being 
said, who cares about anything else?  <Grin>

Sorry to hear about the wireless keyboard.
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  No problem, Boomerdad.
  Everyone needs a chance to vent every now and again.  

  I, too, have a tale of woe.  Thought I was getting a wonderful wireless 
keyboard for Maria but it does not work.  Now, I have to shed my comfy pajamas 
and go out in the rain to try to exchange the thing.  It was purchased from 
Radio Shack so even though I purchased a one-year extended contract, I really 
just want them to take it back or supply a comparably priced product.  I know 
this, to some, might be asking a lot but I stand by my convictions here.

  This might be small, cold comfort but I'm glad you cleared up the DM-20 
specifications for me as I was thinking of purchasing it for the higher quality 
and extra hour.  

  No matter what the circumstances...disappointment is disappointment.


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    Subject: [bct] Olympus Gripes

    Before I begin this rant, I'd like to stress that I'm extremely grateful to 
my wife for getting me the Olympus DM-20 and that any grumbling I do from this 
point on has nothing to do with the present and everything to do with my 
selection of which digital recorder to ask Santa for.

    I originally asked for a DS-2, but then I read a review here (forwarded 
from elsewhere, not written by anyone from this list, so no accusations here), 
which said the DM-20 was identical to the DS-2 but with double the memory.  
(That's what I *understood* from what I read, not a direct quote).  So I 
thought "Well, two hours of high-quality audio as opposed to one.  Perfect."  I 
knew about the WS-200 and WS-320's 64kbps limitation and figured since the 
DM-20 was supposed to be just like the DS-2 but with double the memory, the 
DM-20 wouldn't have that limitation.

    So I get my recorder and install the software.  Then I do a test recording. 
 Not only did I discover that the DM-20 is *not* one of the players which 
supports DSSPlayer Plus's ability to configure the recorder's menus with the 
PC, but I also discovered that the 64kbps limitation *is* there!  If I remember 
right, the WS series gives you something like 4 hours at high stereo quality 
(high being 64kbps).  Try as I did to avoid the limitation, it flew in my face. 
 I realize it's a little thing; the binaural mikes still sound pretty darned 
convincing ... it's just that I specifically tried to *avoid* the 64kbps limit, 
and the idea that if I'd just resigned myself to it I could've had much longer 
recordings in stereo ... well ... I feel like an idiot.  And I do wish Olympus 
would *advertise* the bit rates of its products.  I even looked at the DM-20's 
specifications on the olympus website, but it's not mentioned there at all.  

    If I come across as petty, I apologize; it's just that between this and the 
ITunes accessability issues, I can't help feeling a bit disillusioned.

    Maybe I just need a good kick in the butt ... after all, under other 
circumstances, a great Christmas could mean just having a decent meal to eat, 
or a roof over my head.

    Thanks for letting me vent.  Unless you deleted this ... in which case, 
sorry to have wasted your time. <Grin>

    Feel the power...
    Wield the magic!...
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