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Hy Lynnette and Boomerdad feal free to vent away, If you have a cat in the 
vicinity then give it a good kick.  No, that was a joke.  
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  No problem, Boomerdad.
  Everyone needs a chance to vent every now and again.  

  I, too, have a tale of woe.  Thought I was getting a wonderful wireless 
keyboard for Maria but it does not work.  Now, I have to shed my comfy pajamas 
and go out in the rain to try to exchange the thing.  It was purchased from 
Radio Shack so even though I purchased a one-year extended contract, I really 
just want them to take it back or supply a comparably priced product.  I know 
this, to some, might be asking a lot but I stand by my convictions here.

  This might be small, cold comfort but I'm glad you cleared up the DM-20 
specifications for me as I was thinking of purchasing it for the higher quality 
and extra hour.  

  No matter what the circumstances...disappointment is disappointment.


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    Before I begin this rant, I'd like to stress that I'm extremely grateful to 
my wife for getting me the Olympus DM-20 and that any grumbling I do from this 
point on has nothing to do with the present and everything to do with my 
selection of which digital recorder to ask Santa for.

    I originally asked for a DS-2, but then I read a review here (forwarded 
from elsewhere, not written by anyone from this list, so no accusations here), 
which said the DM-20 was identical to the DS-2 but with double the memory.  
(That's what I *understood* from what I read, not a direct quote).  So I 
thought "Well, two hours of high-quality audio as opposed to one.  Perfect."  I 
knew about the WS-200 and WS-320's 64kbps limitation and figured since the 
DM-20 was supposed to be just like the DS-2 but with double the memory, the 
DM-20 wouldn't have that limitation.

    So I get my recorder and install the software.  Then I do a test recording. 
 Not only did I discover that the DM-20 is *not* one of the players which 
supports DSSPlayer Plus's ability to configure the recorder's menus with the 
PC, but I also discovered that the 64kbps limitation *is* there!  If I remember 
right, the WS series gives you something like 4 hours at high stereo quality 
(high being 64kbps).  Try as I did to avoid the limitation, it flew in my face. 
 I realize it's a little thing; the binaural mikes still sound pretty darned 
convincing ... it's just that I specifically tried to *avoid* the 64kbps limit, 
and the idea that if I'd just resigned myself to it I could've had much longer 
recordings in stereo ... well ... I feel like an idiot.  And I do wish Olympus 
would *advertise* the bit rates of its products.  I even looked at the DM-20's 
specifications on the olympus website, but it's not mentioned there at all.  

    If I come across as petty, I apologize; it's just that between this and the 
ITunes accessability issues, I can't help feeling a bit disillusioned.

    Maybe I just need a good kick in the butt ... after all, under other 
circumstances, a great Christmas could mean just having a decent meal to eat, 
or a roof over my head.

    Thanks for letting me vent.  Unless you deleted this ... in which case, 
sorry to have wasted your time. <Grin>

    Feel the power...
    Wield the magic!...
    Gaming at the speed of sound!


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