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Yeah, I think you're right.

Well, for what it is, the DM-20 is a great machine.  It'll be good for cutting 
my teeth, as it were.  I'll just save my pennies or ask for the WS-320 for my 
birthday in April. <Grin>
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  I am sorry about your disappointment with your Olympus machine.

  To clarify the Olympus WS line of machines, , there is a 200 and a 300 
series. Within the 300 series, The WS320 gives you over 30hours of recording 
because it contains a gigabyte of memory; true, it records with the 64KBPS 
limit, but you certainly get more than four hours of recording time with the 
320. I think it's a bit over 30, as a matter of fact. The book says it's about 
36 hours, but I rounded it up from 35 hours plus a certain number of minutes. 
The WS310 provides about 18 hours recording time, and the WS300 about 9 hours. 
I think you were thinking of the WS200 which provides about 4 hours recording 


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