[bct] Re: Olympus DS320M recorder

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  • Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2005 12:51:28 -0400

Hi Mary,
I recorded a file on my Olympus DM-20 in WMA at the 128 bps mono 44k 16 bit 
standard setting.
It is 234 K in WMA,
And after converting it  it to MP3 at 128 bps 44k 16 bit mono, it is 901 K.
So recording in WMA makes the file size about one quarter that of MP3.

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  Hi all,

  I just took a quick look at the features for the DS320M and discovered it 
plays MP3 or WMA files but only records WMA files; it uses 1 AAA battery that 
only lasts about 15 hours. I don't recall if the press release Donna sent said 
this or not; I should have looked at it more closely. Too bad they didn't stick 
with 2 AAA's to make the battery life a bit longer. 

  Anybody willing to hazard a guess about why they decided not to record 
directly to MP3 files? Is there a limitation of some sort? I always thought one 
file format was about as easy to record as another; and I think WMA files are 
  These machines would really be ideal if they recorded directly to mP3's.


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