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  • From: "Bill Holton" <biho@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 22:03:06 -0500

Thanks.  I  found the player for $179 with free shipping.  But the 
forward/rewind thing was a deal breaker, if it didn't work.  Does the plus 
minus speed work for listening to podcasts, too?  Thanks.

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  I found that you can go forward or backward within a track and go to the next 
file.  If you want to move forward or back within a track just hold down the 
left or right arrow.  Not sure in a recording that was made on the Olympus 
itself but it definitely works for podcasts or music.  If you want to move to 
the next file just push the left or right arrow once and it will move to the 
next file.

  Hope this helps,



  Mary I know I said this was supposed to be  for Christmas but I couldn't wait.

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    I have been on vacation for a week, so this may already have been 
discussed.  But in  Mary's review of the Olympus 320m she mentioned that when 
you use the recorder to listen to podcasts you have no ability to move forward 
or rewind.  I called Olympus this evening and a sales guy assured me you could 
do this.  He said you had to forward through an entire track, in fact, to get 
to the next one--that the player would not allow for one button moves forward 
or backwards by track.  But I wanted to know if he is right or wrong.  Thanks.

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