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I was just thinking what a perfect little tool the 320M really is. I'm helping a friend of mine with an English compasition class, and I've been using the device to record her reading the text. It is perfect.

TThe one thing that could make this unit a little better is the inclusion of a small t-type mic that the student would plug into the external microphone jack. This would avoid the mic noise inevitable as you put the device onto a book or some other padded surface, and it would let him hit the index button without handling noise to mark inportant places in the recording.

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After some consideration I and the other techs in our department have decided to start recommending the Olympus WS320M for students to record classes both at the high school and college level. Two things: Does this sound like a good fit for that kind of user, and I would like very much to use Mary's review of that unit for a upcoming radio program that I do on the Radio Talkingbook Network. I would like Mary to contact me one way or another to let me know if that would meet with her permission. Whenever I rebroadcast a review done by someone else that person always gets the credit for the review. The review could also be used as a starting point for our clients/customers, at least until we have one in house to use ourselves to record a tutorial.

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