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Hi David,
Just gotta tell you that I almost fell out of my chair when I read your
message.  Not even a week ago Lynnette and I were commenting that our
commission counselors should begin recommending the WS320M recorders for
students.  Were you listening in on our brain waves that day?  Waow!!


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After some consideration I and the other techs in our department have
decided to start recommending the Olympus WS320M for students to record
classes both at the high school and college level. Two things: Does this
sound like a good fit for that kind of user, and I would like very much to
use Mary's review of that unit for a upcoming radio program that I do on the
Radio Talkingbook Network.  I would like Mary to contact me one way or
another to let me know if that would meet with her permission.  Whenever I
rebroadcast a review done by someone else that person always gets the credit
for the review.  The review could also be used as a starting point for our
clients/customers, at least until we have one in house to use ourselves to
record a tutorial.

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