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That wouldn't have been one of those old Panasonic ones with the 3 inch reel 
and the super thin tape that would let you get an hour and a half of recording 
time per side at the slower speed was it.  That is what I started to undergrad 
school with in 1966.  I still remember getting my first cassette recorder in 
1968 from a local organization that wanted to try puting their books on 
cassette, and I was their guinnie pig.

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: Alan,
: I agree; for the first month or two of high school, I used a tiny tape 
: recorder to take notes, but I never had time to listen to them over again, 
: so worked on my slate and stylus skills till I could take notes quickly and 
: easily. I did that through high school, college and computer school, and in 
: code inspections at work. I haven't used a slate in years, but still have 
: the skill. It's worth the effort for anyone who can get used to it. It's the 
: equivalent of a pencil for a sighted person. And it doesn't require 
: batteries. And that old tape recorder was an old reel to reel, which was all 
: they had back in 1965, and it never worked very well.
: Mary 

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