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Hay, don't get me started on my soapbox.  I am right there with you sir.  But, 
just try discussing those approaches with the majority of vision teachers out 
there serving our main streamed blind kids.  I have probably already said more 
than I should have said.  But Larry will be happy to know that this past Friday 
I spent two hours training 6 vision teachers on the basics of Book Port, and 
they have asked for two more hours the first week of April.  It is really 
exciting, because they actually all were setting there with Book Ports in hand 
as I walked them through reading a document, placing marks moving from mark to 
mark, doing a find in a document and they were even able, with a little help, 
to put in the computer Braille for the find.  Next time we are doing 
notetaking, and editing, and more.

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: Hi David,
: I realize that this is not your decision, but, for general comment, is the
: recording of lectures (particularly in high school) the best approach?  I,
: for one, certainly would never have had the opportunity to hear them all
: again, and, for the most part, they weren't worth it anyway.  What has
: happened to the ability to take notes whether by laptop, slate and stylus,
: or other Braille notetaking device?  Oh well, perhaps I am just showing my
: age.
: Alan 
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: After some consideration I and the other techs in our department have
: decided to start recommending the Olympus WS320M for students to record
: classes both at the high school and college level. Two things: Does this
: sound like a good fit for that kind of user, and I would like very much to
: use Mary's review of that unit for a upcoming radio program that I do on the
: Radio Talkingbook Network.  I would like Mary to contact me one way or
: another to let me know if that would meet with her permission.  Whenever I
: rebroadcast a review done by someone else that person always gets the credit
: for the review.  The review could also be used as a starting point for our
: clients/customers, at least until we have one in house to use ourselves to
: record a tutorial.
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