[bct] Re: Observations on the Church Audio microphones

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A further comment on this.  We were talking about how high these mikes
would record in the frequency spectrum.  Of course, to even come close
to picking up frequencies at say 30 KHZ, you would have to be recording
at a sampling rate well above 44.1.  The only way I got the bat sounds
was to record at a sampling rate of 192 which, fortunately, the Sound
Devices recorder will do.  Boy! Does that take up a lot of space on your
hard drive.


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Hi Krister, I am not so sure.  The sounds should be there, whether they
bouncing off a wall or just coming in from the surrounding areas.  DB
in places that should have had lots of little high frequency sounds, but
was kind of muffled in the real high end.  But, in her office, her 
sibilents and the speech of others was crystal clear, particularly on
Archos recorder.  It was an interesting effect.


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