[bct] Re: Observations on the Church Audio microphones

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The sound jumping instead of going smoothly is a result of how far the
mikes are placed from each other.  And of course, this depends on the
off access characteristics of the mikes themselves.  Clear as mud,


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Dan: I'll take some chocolate! Yay! LOL!
Jamie D.
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> Hi DB,
> Quantization is the effect when a sound goes from one side of the
> recording to the other of the sound jumping a bit as if it is skipping
> few places instead of a totally smooth pan.  There was a sound outside

> that demonstrated this beautifully when you turned your head or body a
> times.  It is an effect that binaural microphones often have, and it
> not dramatic in yours, just noticable by somebody with too much time
> his hands. [grin]
> Other mike terms are signal to noise ratio, this refers to the amount 
> of
> hiss or noise that the microphone would have in a dead quiet place. 
> Really high end mikes often have s/n of 85 db, yours at 68 are not
> The SPL means sound pressur level, it is the loudest sound the mike
> handle without going into distortion or self limiting.  In your case,
> seems a tad low to me.
> I don't think the limiting effect was your md recorder because I heard

> it
> on all three recording sources, it probably is the mikes or the
> No, the voice moving around was not terribly disorienting, I figured 
> you
> had the mikes clipped to your collar.
> The change in the high frequency response from inside to outside was
> curious.  That is why I asked if you had attached the windscreens when
> went outside.  I wonder if the increased sound level in general
> affected the frequency response?  Neal may know if this is possible,
he is 
> far more the expert than I am.
> Take care, take chocolate,
> Dan

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