[bct] Re: Observations on the Church Audio microphones

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Pam, sorry to say that after drinking the scotch, I forgot her number.
Thanks for the scotch though, I'm now going off to do a minidisk podcast
under the influence.


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Hi Neal,

I've taken the liberty of zipping up a bottle of scotch and attaching it
to this message. Drink that, and you'll be able to call her up and be
her cricket caller over the phone, haha. 

Another thing. The fairest assessment would be made if the .mp3 was
recorded on say the Archos and submitted as is, like you did for the
second file in your Milestone Podcast. And thanks for those. 

Enjoy the scotch.


On Fri, 17 Mar 2006 08:57:04 -0600, you wrote:

>Dan, you said, "A real test would be for her to go outside at night and

>record crickets."  The only problem with that is that she would then 
>have to some how entice the same crickets to come into her house so we 
>could compare inside and outside.  Anyone have a cricket caller? Chirp.

>Chirp.  Or is that Crick, Crick?
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>The things, Neal, if a high end sound is hearable with the ears, I 
>think that the mike, plus or minus its own high end response
>characteristics, would hear them, especially if it were omni.
>Interestingly, I did not hear excessive liveness in DB's office, so am
>wondering if the enclosed space can account for the high end
>A real test would be for her to go outside at night and record 
>they have a lot of high end in their cricking and perhaps that would
>tell.  I heard a good deal of highs in your mike review when you did
>mid-side example outside at night, I think it was.  Of course, we can't
>really compare mikes of such disparate price ranges, but I really do
>about the seeming difference between in and out.
>But, since it obviously happened, perhaps you are right and I need more

>Wheaties with Scotch, breakfast of champions.

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