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  • Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 09:07:47 -0800

Boy, what I wouldn't give to have a way to put that program on Book Port! ... 
No no, this isn't a request, suggestion or anything other than a venting of 
frustration ... it's just that I finally have all other aspects of gaming (of 
the roleplaying variety) at my fingertips with Book Port: rule books, character 
stats, adventure notes ... the one thing still giving me trouble is finding a 
way to roll those dog-gone dice!

Short of spending the $500+ on a laptop, that is.

I have found several "oversized" sets of D&D-style dice, and was able to put 
Braille labels on them, but it was such a time-consuming task, to do that with 
multiple sets of dice ... well, it's a pain.

I know we have Braille six-sided dice.  I looked all over the web, and couldn't 
find anyone selling any tactile form of ten-siders, 4-siders, twenty-siders, 
twelve-siders, or eight-siders.  <Heavy sigh>

Okay, ranting done.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled mailing list.
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  From: Phil Vlasak 
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  Hi Larry,
  In deciding what format would make listening to your podcasts easier I 
realized that one piece of software is doing something close to it now.
  The iVocalize audio chat software from www.Audio-Tips.com has the ability to 
record an audio chat in .wma format and it also creates a .htm file of the chat 
at the same time.
  If you play the .wma file it is like listening to an MP3 file with no ability 
to know who is talking. But if you run the .htm file you have the ability to 
know who is speaking at any time.
  This means that the .htm file saves the speaker's name and the time they are 
  The program as it stands will only  pause or stop the file but with a little 
development it probably could skip to a specific marker.
  I have been using iVocalize for over a year to record a Dungeons and Dragons 
audio chat game that is held every Sunday night at 9:00 PM eastern time in the 
gamers room.
  The game players are all blind or visually impaired and we play the 
traditional version of the game not an electronic version.
  We all have the rule books in text format and we use a computer based free 
dice roller produced by GMA games.

  Phil Vlasak

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    From: Larry Skutchan 
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    Yeah, this podcasting is kind of like being in love, especially newly in 
love.  It is sometimes tough to think about anything else!

      One thing I thought about for the issue of getting from section to 
section is making a Daisy version of those kinds of shows.  We'd have to come 
up with some scheme that packaged all the associated files, but their overhead 
is so low, why not include them.  We would also need to make sure this whole 
process of getting the file and using it either as a Daisy book or as a plain 
mp3 was transparent to the user, but this actually sounds like a pretty simple 
matter..  This approach would make navigation on a Daisy player like book Port 
very flexible.

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      Subject: [bct] OLD FORMAT

      Hi Larry,
      <sigh of relief>  My mail's back in regular form.

      Just wanted to chime in on the format conversation.  I rather enjoyed the 
"variety show" format but I see the merits of having one be able to choose what 
one would like to hear.  So...

      My mind is filled with ideas for podcasts.  So much so that I can barely 
keep my thoughts on my studies for my Word class.  <grimace>

      That's it for now.

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